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Many of us think that writing a resignation letter is very simple as it just includes the reason of resigning, last working day and a thank you message to the entire organization. But, when it comes to actual writing we get stuck and get confused as well, as we do not understand how to write them, though we know what to write. Given below is a resignation letter format.

Personal details:

Your name,
Your address,
Your contact number

Company Details:

The relevant person(Your HR or manager),
Company name,
Company address.

Subject: Reason of writing letter

Dear Mr./Ms. Last name or Dear first name,

First paragraph

Second paragraph

Third paragraph


Yours faithfully/Yours sincerely,
Your name
Your signature

Let's have a detailed study of the resignation letter format.

Personal details: This should include your name and address along with your contact number. And at the end should come the date preferably in the format(June 15, 2004).

Company Details: This is mentioned when you are addressing the letter to the concerned person. It should begin with the person's name to whom you are drafting the letter to, along with his or her designation followed by the company's name and the company address. The addressee will many a times be your manager or HR.

Subject: This is an optional one. It should basically be a one line sentence. In this type of letter the subject line should be 'Letter of Resignation' or 'Resignation Letter'. This gives an idea about the letter, to the reader.

Salutation: This marks the beginning of the actual letter. It is same as a greeting. As soon as you see anyone you wish them, this is what we are following since childhood. Similarly salutation is the start of the letter. You can start with 'Dear' and then the person's name. The word 'Dear' signifies a friendly relation between the two. If you address the person using Mr. or Ms., then it should be followed by the last name. And if you do not use either of the words, then directly address them by their first name.

First Paragraph: This should include the main reason of writing this letter, that is, the reason for resigning the job(optional), and your last working day in the company. You should also mention your designation in this subsection. Reason for resigning form the job is optional because it depends upon you whether you want to write the reason or not. If you have a very good relation with your company staff members, then you may definitely write the reason. However, if you are resigning because of the present company, then you may very well not mention the reason for leaving the job.

Second Paragraph: In this section you should mention about the the handover of official belongings to the office. Many a times the company gives certain things like office locker keys, car, laptops to the employer so that they can use them during their tenure in the office. So, the things should be returned back. If you are at a higher post, and have many job responsibilities and you have rights to at least choose the best possible candidates for your post, then you may certainly recommend their names to your senior authorities. You can later have a verbal discussion about this thing with your managers. If you do so, then you leave a good impression in front of your higher officials. This shows that you are very much responsible for the work that was handed over to you, and you want it to be handed over to a responsible person like you.

Third Paragraph: The last paragraph is a thank you paragraph. Here you should write a thank you message. This message should contain a small note thanking your company to encourage you during your tenure in the company, and also wishing the company for it's success. This creates a positive and a pleasant impression about you in accordance with the management. Making efforts in creating a positive impression is a must because it might happen that in future you might need the reference of your now present company for your verification. And, their remarks would help the company judge your character. So never make any negative statements about your company, colleagues and your higher authorities anywhere in the letter. You are uncertain of your future, and where your life will take you to.

Closure: This marks the end of the letter. In this subdivision you can write phrases like 'Yours sincerely' or 'Yours faithfully', and then end the resignation letter with your name followed by your signature.

Thus the basic resignation letter format is the same for all kinds of jobs. If all these things are included in a resignation letter with proper choice of words, then your resignation letter approver will happily approve your letter of suspension. And, even you will be able to leave a very good impression in your company.

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